USA vs Portugal

Three points in the bag. Check.

Ghosts of Ghanaian past put to rest. Check

John Anthony Brooks. New American Hero. Check

Three pulled hammys, a broken nose. Check



Sunday, we face the fighting Ronaldo’s of Portugal with some injury troubles of their own. Fabio Coentrao and Hugo Almeida are out per reports from the Portugal physios. Pepe decided to Pepe things and got a straight red for headbutting (apparently he never saw Zidane…). Come on down to Small Plates to check it out with us.

If you could, please respond on the Facebook page to the event to help us get a head count.



USA vs Nigeria

The Yanks vs. The Super Eagles.

The last warm up.

Our mission to NY was a rousing success.

The Final Countdown…

Brazil is coming.


6pm kickoff – We’ll be at Small Plates around 5. Backroom, as someone had the main floor for the Belmont prior to the arrangement.

Drink specials will be in effect. I’ll have scarves if you still need to pick them up. The contingent that ventured south will be back in town.

Come watch the match with your fellow Outlaws. Bring a friend, bring two. It’ll be a hell of a time.

USA vs Turkey

Looks like we’re split as a group. We’ve got a good contingent heading down to RBA to rep the Stars and Stripes in person. If you need your scarves prior to heading down, get a hold of me. I’ll find a way to get them to you or to someone who can.

I don’t know if any of the leadership will make it (think I’m the only one not heading to RBA, but I’ll be out of town), but head down if you’re interested in watching the match with some good people.

2pm – Red Bull Arena – Road to Brazil Marches On…




Scarves are in production

We’ve gotten word from Global Scarves that the first bit of AO Syracuse merchandise is under production. We’re hoping they’re on this side of the pond for the USA vs Turkey Send-Off Series game, but I’m not able to guarantee anything. They’ll definitely be in prior to the World Cup.

Thanks to the group for supporting us in getting these produced. They’re $20 per scarf or $25 shipped for all of you CNY Ex-Pats out there. Any questions, please let us know.

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